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Stride, Inc.


Stride, Inc. is a business my mother started 37 years ago. We are a Tier II manufacturer of office products. Our brands are: Schneider Pens, QuickFit Binders, Aurora, KleerFax, Illustrator and StrideWrite. As a small business we must compete with major manufacturers in a competitive environment, we do this by offering commodity products with niche features and by having the best workforce available; adults with intellectual and developmental delays. Dedicated, dependable and diligent, our special needs workers are an integral part of the Stride Family. We encourage more businesses to employ people with developmental delays and ask you to request Stride products wherever you buy office products.

Honors and Awards

2017 Emerging Leader

Diverse Supplier of the Year
Office Depot

Manufacturers Doing Remarkable Things
Manufacturing Extention Program (MEP)

New Mexico Private 100