Strategies to Survive

A Curated List of Resources
to Help You Navigate these Uncertain Times

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US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Business Resilience 101 Workbook: Learn How To Protect Your Business Before Disaster Strikes

This is a lengthy but thorough document designed by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation to help business owners prepare for disasters. It is designed as a workbook where the reader fills in tables and checklists. It was designed to help business owners prepare for a disaster before it strikes, but contains information helpful for working through an ongoing disaster as well.

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Kentucky SBDC Guide
Checklist for Managing in Times of Financial Difficulty

This is a document from the Kentucky Small Business Development Center is a guide for small businesses facing financial hardship. The document is structured with several general steps, each of which is broken down into more specific individual tasks. Steps include taking stock of the existing weaknesses in one's business, improving cash position, improving profitability, reducing the time it takes to receive what you are owed, keeping inventory under control, and improving sales.

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Harvard Business Review
How Restaurants Can Survive Right Now

This article from the Harvard Business Review is written by Rafi Mohammed, Ph.D., a pricing strategy consultant. In this article Mohammed offers simple advice specifically to restaurant owners for weathering the crisis. He takes a realist approach and starts by saying that restaurants probably will not maintain normal revenues, so the goal is instead to minimize losses.

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Brookings Article
Sometimes the world needs a crisis: Turning challenges into opportunities

This article from Brookings' thesis is that we should view crises through an optimistic lens because they have the potential to spur positive change. Although it is not specific to COVID-19 or businesses, the article provides some examples of positive outcomes from crises in history, including quick innovation, resilience for subsequent crises, cooperation among rivals, and systemic change that was already overdue.

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SBDC University of Georgia
Guide to Conquering a Business Crisis

This article from Inc shares some good ideas that individual business owners have had in response to the crisis which may help the reader’s own business. One example is a janitorial business that has taken advantage of the recent increase in demand by starting to offer customers a wider range of services.

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Inc. Magazine
Finding the Hidden Business Opportunities Around the Coronavirus Pandemic

This article from Inc shares some good ideas that individual business owners have had in response to the crisis which may help the reader’s own business.

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Google Tool
Helping your business through COVID-19

This webpage by Google lists and explains some of Google’s products that may help small businesses adapt. It is organized by four main goals: keeping customers informed (updating the business profile that shows up when someone Googles your business), adjusting your advertising...

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Harvard Business Review
How the Coronavirus Is Already Rewriting the Future of Business

With COVID-19 cases growing worldwide, business leaders are scrambling to deal with a wide variety of problems, from slumping sales and stalling supply chains to keeping employees healthy and making sure they can continue working.