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Company Survival Guide To Care For Staff During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Forbes provides helpful tips on caring for your employees while still maintaining a healthy business during the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations fall into several categories: preventing the spread of illness, coordinating healthy business operations, managing COVID-19 positive results, prioritizing morale building efforts, and considering the financial and employment needs of staff.

US Department of Labor
COVID-19 and the American Workplace

The Department of Labor provides fact sheets, a webinar, and other resources on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to help you and your employees understand the new rules regarding paid sick, family, and medical leave, including tax credits for private employers with fewer than 500 employees. Some resources are provided in Spanish, and an employee rights poster regarding FFCRA is provided in several languages.

IRS Guide
COVID-19-Related Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave Provided by Small and Midsize Businesses FAQs

The IRS provides a very thorough guide to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), including an overview of tax credits for small and midsize businesses and a very detailed Frequently Asked Questions section.

American Foundation Suicide Prevention
Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

It is important that we all take the steps necessary to protect our mental health during these difficult times. This resource provides helpful methods to manage stress and anxiety in the face of COVID-19-related uncertainty.

Harvard Business Review
4 Behaviors That Help Leaders Manage a Crisis

Experts from a top management consulting firm layout 4 key behaviors leaders should employ during a crisis: (1) deciding with speed over precision, (2) adapting boldly, (3) reliably delivering, and (4) engaging for impact. While their recommendations are not specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are helpful tips for any time of crisis.

US Chamber of Commerce
Struggling to Balance the Budget? Here's How to Manage Staff Concerns the Right Way

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce provides helpful tips on how to approach and plan for furloughing employees compassionately and pragmatically.

US Department of Labor Tool
Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Employees can use this page to determine if they are eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The specifics of the application window and process will vary state to state.

support remote employees
Harvard Business Review
How Managers Can Support Remote Employees

An executive coach gives helpful tips on keeping your business running smoothly while your employees are working remotely. This may be more appropriate for businesses with several employees or more.